Maggie May

Maggie May’s mother was rescued from a puppy mill in Winnipeg, Manitoba last winter. She, along with her puppies, were adopted out by an animal rescue shelter, and Suann DeCourcey decided she’d like to give one of the puppies a home. Maggie May joined the DeCourcey family on May 19, 2007 and quickly set about teaching Suann and her husband Cyril how to parent a Wheaton Terrier puppy! Maggie May also demonstrated how grateful she was to be rescued and given a good home when she saved Suann’s life last winter. Read More

Missy (Service Animal Induction)

Missy, a 14-year-old terrier, was rescued by the Blanchard family in 1996. She’d been in a shelter in Thunder Bay, Ontario for over two weeks and was scheduled to be put down that very afternoon. Originally adopted as a family pet, Missy started showing signs of being able to predict the Blanchard’s daughter Stephanie’s re-occurring panic attacks. Read More


Freddie was one of nine German Shepherd puppies born January 15, 2005. Mike Hambling was looking for a German Shepherd and something struck him about Freddie. Soon he became a part of the Hambling family and has since proven himself to be a loyal, incredibly friendly and loving animal, who would demonstrate his loyalty by saving Mike’s life. Read More


Peeka was one of two dogs left of a litter of Lhasa Apso Poodle pups when the Anderson family went to pick out a new puppy for their daughter Mariel in 2002. When they arrived, the Anderson family noticed that one of the dogs was really well groomed, while the other was not. The Anderson’s chose the less groomed puppy and named her Peeka, which means “little one” in Norwegian and was Mariel’s nickname as a child.  Read More


Mochashon’s Corey Troy, known to most as Corey, is a 14-year-old former Best of Winners show dog. A classic miniature Schnauzer, Corey is an intelligent, perceptive and determined dog – and he also demonstrated his life saving abilities last May 10th, 2007. Read More