Purina Animal Hall of Fame™ Inductee: Ki

Ki, a German Shepherd police dog with the Ontario Provincial Police joined the OPP Canine unit in 2001, along with partner Provincial Constable Shawn Campbell.  They were posted to Bracebridge, Ontario and responded to hundreds of calls, including many that resulted in successful arrests and rescues. In one particular instance, Ki’s keen nose helped save a man’s life.

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Mel-O (Domestic Short Hair Cat)

Mel-O joined the Rose family in July 2005. On a family trip to the Edmonton Humane Society, Danielle and Sean Rose were looking to help their daughter Kianna and son Alex pick out a pet. Kianna quickly picked out her kitten, and Alex went back to the ?cat room? to make his selection. In one of the cages Alex found four kittens all meowing except for one ? Mel-O. She just lay there as quiet as can be and Alex chose her immediately. So off the Rose family went from the Humane Society, arriving home with two new members of their family. Mel-O, always quiet and mellow ? hence the name Alex picked for her! Read More

Jango (Golden Retriever)

Jango, the Unger family dog, normally splits her time between greeting customers at the family pet grooming business, and working as a therapy dog visiting the elderly in Trail, BC. But in the early hours of January 22, 2006, this brave Golden Retriever also took on the role of family saviour. Darrell’s wife Christine was out for the evening, and so Darrell tucked four-year-old Koby into bed and settled down to relax in front of the television.  Read More

Echo (Shepherd-Collie mix)

Echo, a Shepherd-Collie mix born on a Manitoulin Island reserve, managed to make her way to a small town. Quickly realizing she was not suited to “urban life”, Echo’s original owners decided to post an ad in the local paper to find her a more suitable “outdoor” home environment. Echo was adopted by Tish Smith and her husband Ted, and moved to the family farm. Tish knew in her heart, she and Echo were meant to be together.  Read More