Constable Bill Dodd and his partner, Odin, got the call near midnight in early March of 2004. Some time earlier, other officers with Calgary Police Service spotted a car parking at the rear of a suspected crack house. When they investigated, suspects fled from the car. Read More

Teddy Bear

Even for a pet who loves to cuddle, Teddy Bear seemed too attentive for Georgina Bramwell. She couldn’t figure it out. Her one-year-old Pomeranian had acted strangely for about a month. When she would sit or lay down with Teddy Bear in her Halifax-area home, he would sniff, paw away at, and jump on her right side. Read More


There’s always room for one more. The three Giffin children had persuaded mom and dad to add another dog to the family crew of a dog and two cats. The kids wanted a puppy this time. So, in late April last year, Daniel Giffin and his family headed to a pet store near their home in Bath, Ontario, and picked a 12-week-old pup. Schmichael was now a member of the family. Read More


Samuri, an Akita, was the runt of a litter of eight pups. That made him the obvious choice for Jo-Ann and Don Drozdowski, who wanted an addition to their household. They realized later that their new pet was born blind, which only endeared him even more to the Winnipeg couple. Read More