On July 27 last year, Kimberley was in her garden when, suddenly, she was confronted by a snake. Only inches away, hissing and shaking its tail, the viper was ready to strike. Sosa immediately interceded ? lashing out at the snake and protecting Kimberley, but being bitten in the paw as a result. Read More


The German Shepherd, serving in the canine unit of the Saskatoon Police Service, was shot to death during an armed standoff in May 2001. He was the first police dog in the city to be killed in action. The case has sparked a national campaign to amend the Criminal Code of Canada to include serious penalties for offences against police service animals. Read More


Shadow is credited with saving Karen and her two young sons (as well as the family dog Duke) on the night of January 16 last year. The cat?s loud meowing woke Karen, who was sleeping in the basement bedroom. Read More


Last November, Kari and Steve ? then newlyweds — were awakened in the middle of the night by their dog. He was highly agitated, whining and pawing, and simply would not give up until they were out of bed. Read More