Sampson One-year-old yellow Labrador Cranbrook, British ColumbiaSAMPSON, a one-year-old yellow Labrador came to the rescue of his owner’s sister, Carol Robinson, after she was pulled under the icy cold water of a glacier-fed river in the Yukon Valley. Carol was crossing the river when she accidentally stepped into a hole in the river bed. Water poured into her chest waders and dragged her under. Sampson swam to her aid, diving beneath the surface of the water to grab her sleeve. Gripping her arm with his teeth, he towed her out of the strong current to the safety of the river bank.


Hobbes Five-year-old orange tabby Owned by Sheri Coull St. Thomas, Ontario HOBBES, a five-year-old orange tabby cat saved the life of his owner Sheri Coull, waking her up late one night because her apartment was on fire. Sheri’s smoke detector had failed to go off, but Hobbes’ persistent ‘yowling’ woke members of the household enabling them to raise the alarm and vacate the apartment building. Within minutes it was engulfed in thick smoke and poisonous carbon-monoxide fumes.


Morphy Three-year-old yellow Labrador Owned by Esther and David Andrews London, OntarioMORPHY, a three-year-old yellow Labrador alerted his owners, Esther and David Andrews, to the fact their next door neighbour had collapsed on his porch. Doug Rogers was having an angina attack when the pain became so acute that he collapsed. Morphy heard his weak cries for help and pulled at Esther’s sleeve until she let him outside. He led her round a 50-foot long cedar hedge which separated the two properties to Doug’s side. Esther and her family were then able to alert Doug’s family and call 911.