KENO, a five-year-old German Shepherd, owned by Constable John Gerrits, suffered severe injures in his successful attempt in capturing a breaking-and-entering suspect. Constable Gerrits and his police service dog Keno answered an emergency call about a breaking-and-entering in progress. When they arrived at the scene, the suspect had already begun to escape from the crime area. During the chase, Keno rounded a corner and was struck by an on-coming car. Despite Keno’s severe bleeding from the accident, the canine continued to chase the suspect. Keno quickly caught up with the suspect and tackled him to the ground. He then gripped the criminal’s arm, allowing the officers to arrest him. As a result of the accident, Keno required stitches in his leg and suffered head injuries.


POLUX, a two-year Bouvier-Bernois came to the rescue of Mario Fontaine when he fell through the ice on the St Maurice River. Mario had been taking Polux for a walk on the river when the ice cracked around him and he plunged into icy-cold water. Mario was able to keep his grip on the lead and Polux pulled him to safety.


MANDY, a five-year-old Yorkshire-Terrier saved the life of Joyce Hart after she suffered a serious heart-attack while visiting her daughter, Sue Parker. Mandy’s persistent barking alerted Sue, who had been working downstairs. When Sue discovered her mother, she quickly dialed 911 and the emergency operator led her through CPR while she waited for the paramedics to arrive.

Brigitte and Bambi

BRIGITTE and BAMBI, eight year old Great Danes alerted their owner, Karin Bjerk-Lisle that her 13-month-old son Forrest had fallen into the family pool. Brigitte, the smaller of the two dogs, squeezed through a sliding door and leapt into the pool, while Bambi barked frantically. Drawn by the commotion of the dogs, Karin found her son, lifted him from the pool and artificial respiration was performed to revive him.