Jazz and Little Bits

JAZZ and LITTLE BITS, two American Cocker Spaniels saved the life of their owner, Susan Anderson, after she suffered an epileptic seizure while jogging in a park near Kemptville. Jazz laid on top of her collapsed owner to keep her warm, while Little Bits’ frantically barked to alert Susan’s jogging companion to where she was lying.


 NAGO, a nine-year-old Akita pushed six-year-old Alaina Fawcett out of the way of an oncoming truck while she waited for the school bus at an intersection near her home.


EWO, a five-year-old German Shepherd, owned by Constable Tom MacLean, had a leading role in the lengthy search and capture of two perpetrators who led a series of violent break-and-enter incidents. The Niagara Police were alerted to three men breaking into a local home. Constable MacLean and his police service dog, Ewo, were called to the scene. After an hour, Ewo restrained the first suspect who was apprehended, leaving two more to be found in an area filled with icy water and rough terrain. Two hours passed, when the second suspect was found and apprehended. At that point the search was terminated because a number of officers were suffering from frostbite. Both Constable MacLean and Ewo together have been responsible for 83 criminal arrests and have twice received Superintendent’s Commendations for outstanding Police Canine Work.


SAM, an eight-year-old German Shepherd saved her owner, Phyllis McLeod, from drowning when she fell through a frozen river that had overflowed onto a golf course near her home. As Phyllis fought the swift current, she grabbed Sam’s collar and hung on until she was pulled far enough out of the water to scramble to safety.


NELLIE, a six-year-old German Shepherd traveled three kilometres back to her home to get help for 78-year-old Ken Emerson, who lay injured after his tractor had overturned and crushed his pelvis. When Nellie returned home, Mrs. Emerson realized that the strip of her husband’s shirt wrapped around Nellie’s collar was an S.O.S. message, and immediately sent for help.


BELLE, a one-year-old Labrador Retriever was the first of several heroes responsible for saving the life of three-year-old Ken Knickle, who spent 30 minutes under water after falling into an icy channel of the Lunenburg Harbour. When Ken’s father spotted Belle in the water, he realized that the family pet was acting as a marker for his son, who had drifted below the surface. Ken’s father was able to hoist the boy out of the water and began performing CPR. With the help of local rescue and medical teams, Ken’s heart began beating two hours later. After two days in a coma, he awoke to amazed doctors and a thankful family.