Tracker, a 10-year-old German Shepherd with the Ontario Provincial Police and the canine partner of Provincial Constable Al Hyatt, was the inspiration behind the Service Dog of the Year Award. Over the seven years that Tracker served in the Sudbury, Ontario District, he was involved in approximately 500 searches for missing persons, criminals, drugs and security details.


TIA, a six-year-old Labrador, owned by Sean Lingl, saved the lives of her owner and his fishing companion when a leak in Sean’s small dingy caused the boat to capsize. Weighed down by bulky clothing and equipment the men could only cling to the side of the boat. Tia, despite having only three legs, pulled on the mooring rope attached to the boat and guided them through the freezing, rough water to shore.


CALI, a six-year-old Calico cat, owned by Lauren MacLaren was the only one to see a mysterious intruder outside their apartment window early one morning. As the intruder attempted to break into Lauren’s apartment, Cali repeatedly jumped on her sleeping owner until she awoke. Metro Toronto police responded immediately and arrested the man before he could escape.


HUSTLER, a three-year-old German Shepherd is credited with saving the life of his owner, Debbie Inions. After a fall from her horse left Debbie seriously injured and unable to move, Hustler repeatedly fought against vicious attacks by two preying coyotes until they were discovered nine hours later.