JACK, a two-month-old kitten gave Corrie Owens and her five-month-old son, Brandon, the best Christmas gift of all. As their apartment rapidly filled with smoke early Christmas morning, Corrie was awakened by Jack’s persistent meowing and discovered the entire building was ablaze. While Corrie and Brandon escaped unharmed with Jack, the fire destroyed all of their belongings and left 14 tenants homeless.


MIMI, a one-year-old Collie/Shepherd, sensed that something was wrong when her owner, Aline Gagnon, was breathing irregularly during her sleep. Reacting to Mimi’s nervous behaviour, André Gagnon discovered that his wife was in cardiac arrest. André, a professionally trained ambulance attendant, performed C.P.R. and within seconds his wife’s heart had started beating again.


TARA, an 11-year-old German Shepherd owned by Mike Langer, was the only one to hear a young man calling for help after being thrown from his motorcycle while riding along a railroad track. Tara’s frantic behaviour convinced her owner’s father, Helmut Langer, to follow her to where the man lay critically injured on the railway tracks. When the train raced past the accident site shortly after, the man was safely on his way to a hospital.