P.J., an English Sheepdog/Border Collie mix woke owner Jim Rouse in time to escape a fire caused by a faulty air conditioner. Jim and Janet Rouse who had been house sitting for their parents, were forced to leap from the second floor, then return to save P.J. from the main level before the house burned to the ground.


CHARLIE, a German Shepherd/Husky mix, awoke owner, Tom Van Impe, early one morning as a haze of smoke filled the room. Charlie persistently growled, whined and tugged at Mr. Van Impe’s arm until he awoke and led Charlie and a guest out to safety.


 DICK, a police tracking dog owned by the Sureté du Québec, was honoured for his bravery during a 14-hour manhunt through the woods near St. Eustache, Québec. The four-year-old German Shepherd was wounded by a shot intended for his handler and left permanently deaf in one ear and blind in one eye as a result of the incident.