OLLIE, a red Tabby, alerted his owner Brian Rozee to a fire that had started from a crack in the family’s fireplace. Responding to Ollie’s persistent cries, Mr. Rozee awoke to find the living and dining rooms filled with smoke. Because of Ollie’s actions, the fire was brought under control and damage was kept to a minimum.


McGREGOR, a Scottish Terrier, saved the lives of his owners, Charles and Margaret Jack, when the trailer they were sleeping in burned to the ground. McGregor and his companion Annie, another Scottish Terrier, woke the Jacks in time to escape the burning trailer. Both dogs were treated for smoke inhalation, however Annie never recovered and passed away a month later.


 GEORGE, a German Shepherd/Greyhound owned by Joe DiMarco, fought off an intruder, accompanied by a pit bull, who was trying to break into the DiMarco household. George sustained severe knife and bite injuries which required surgery and extended veterinary care.