Lady Amanda of Fielding

 LADY AMANDA OF FIELDING, an English Bull Terrier, was staying with Gabriella Baird while her owner, John Bodi, was away. Early one morning, Miss Baird awoke to find an intruder standing beside her bed. Lady Amanda leaped at the man and pinned him against a wall until police arrived.

Wrinklesock’s Bulldozer Black

WRINKLESOCK’S BULLDOZER BLACK, a Basset Hound, saved owner Sonja Flynn from serious harm when an intruder broke into her home and attacked her. Bulldozer seized the intruder’s arm and held tight until a neighbour arrived.


 RUFFY, a Collie/Husky mixed breed dog owned by Mrs. Evelyn Hargreaves, was honoured for saving 17-year-old Kevin Hargreaves when he was attacked by a rabid fox. Ruffy lunged at the fox and fought it off until Kevin was able to reach safety.