TARBOT, a young cat owned by Alex and Marie MacLeod awoke his owners in time to escape their burning home. Tarbot leapt onto Mr. MacLeod while he slept and started digging with his claws until his masters awoke and made their way to safety.


BENJIE, a Cocker Spaniel assisted in the rescue of a young climber who was helplessly dangling from the Elora Gorge. Benjie attracted the attention of his owner, Don Guthrie and led him from his home to the cliff where they rescued the teenager who had become entangled in the ropes.


NUISANCE, a German Shepherd is credited with helping save two youths from drowning in the icy waters of Kalamalka Lake. Nuisance awoke his owner, Dwain Johanson, and led him to the shore of the lake where faint calls for help were barely audible. The boys were clinging to an overturned canoe in the choppy freezing waters. Dwain immediately took his boat out and pulled them aboard.