LUKE, an Alaskan Malamute rescued his owner, Ron Thomson and a friend from the icy waters of Burrard Inlet. An explosion and fire on Mr. Thomson’s boat left the two men in the water before Luke saved both men.


 BUTCH, a Border Collie, saved the life of his owner, dairy farmer John Miller, who was being attacked by a vicious bull. The small farm dog flew at the bull and distracted it while Mr. Miller ran to the farmhouse.


HERMAN, a Siamese cat saved the life of his owner, Arthur Laberee by waking him as a fire was burning throughout the house. Because of Herman’s actions, Mr. Laberee was able to leave his burning home safely.

Indian Red

 INDIAN RED, Morgan/Quarter Horse, is the first and only horse to be inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame™. He drew attention to a helpless 77-year-old woman who had collapsed and fallen in a snow-covered ditch on a country road one dark winter night.