SHEP, heard the screams of her owners’ grandson Lance, and charged and attacked a 350 lb. bear that was mauling and clawing the young boy. Shep’s attack drove the bear into the forest and saved the boy’s life. Lance was treated for deep gashes to his face and chest.

Little Monster

LITTLE MONSTER, a small mixed breed, foiled a robbery at a store adjacent to the home of his owner, John Scrimgeour. Little Monster was able to wake his master by uncharacteristically barking in the night. Mr. Scrimgeour, awoke to see two men on the roof across the street and quickly called police who apprehended them.


JADE, a five-year-old Siamese cat awoke her owner, Mrs. Francis Jarvis, by repeatedly screaming, clawing, and biting, when a fire broke out at the rear of the building where they lived.