BABY, a deaf-mute cat, is credited with saving the life of her owner who had suffered a heart attack. Baby woke the man’s wife by repeatedly throwing herself on the lady’s chest. When she awoke, she discovered her husband had collapsed in another room.

Cloud II

CLOUD II was the canine partner of Ontario Provincial Police Constable Ray Carson.  In 1974, Cloud II entered a fishing hut where two escaped juvenile offenders were hiding and emerged with a loaded rifle and a knife. Cloud II went on to track down and disarm a third escapee. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in recognition of his bravery.  Sadly, Cloud II was killed in the line of duty in 1975 by an escaped convict.

Brown Dog

BROWN DOG, saved the life of his master, William McKay, when a cougar charged him. Brown Dog rushed the cougar, and drove it into the woods.