CHLOE, a cat owned by Prue and Peter Mason saved the lives of her owners, a friend and several other pets that were overcome with fumes from a faulty heating system. Chloe repeatedly screamed and clawed until she aroused Peter Mason who was able to alert the others.


FIDO, an 11-year-old dog owned by Miville Tremblay, was responsible for locating a child who had been lost in a heavily wooded area for two days. The child was found frightened and weak during the night and led to safety at dawn the next morning.


 PATCHES, a grey and white cat owned by Laura Utter, saved Laura and her father after a fire broke out in the furnace room of their home. Patches’ screams roused Mr. Utter who gathered his young daughter and the cat and led them outside to safety as the interior of their house was destroyed.


TIMMY, a four-year-old German Shepherd owned by Anne Nemes, protected her from being robbed at gunpoint by two men. When the men confronted her, Timmy leaped at them and gripped one of the men’s arms, and a shot was fired. The men fled and Mrs. Nemes and Timmy continued their walk home.


RHODA, a St. Bernard, pulled his owner, Clarence Nolan Jr., from a rock-strewn river after he had fallen from a retaining wall along the banks of the Humber River.