JIGGS, a young Siamese cat owned by Mr. and Mrs. McGregor roused the sleeping family when a fire broke out early Christmas morning. While one resident died in the fire, Mr. and Mrs. McGregor, their two young sons and a grandmother escaped the flames. Jiggs had collapsed in the apartment and had to be taken outside and revived.


PATRICK, a three-year-old dog owned by John Williams, saved the life of his owner who was being held at knifepoint by a masked thief. Patrick attacked the bandit, who was holding a knife at his master’s throat, enabling Mr. Williams to break free and recover the stolen money.


TRIXIE, a small stray dog who had adopted the Burbine family, seized the sweater of three-year-old Brent Burbine when the youngster fell from a wharf on McGuire Lake. The dog held the child until help arrived to pull him to safety.