Charlie Brown

CHARLIE BROWN, a St. Bernard, followed a young boy who had wandered away from home into a densely wooded snowbound forest area. Charlie Brown stayed with the lost and frightened boy and kept him warm until his owner, Lorne Rose, located them.


 TRAMP, a cat owned by Gail Bilodeau, saved her owner from serious harm by waking her from a deep sleep. When Mrs. Biladeau’s electric blanket burst into flames, Tramp woke her owner in time to save her two children and call the fire department.


 LONESOME, a young stray dog adopted by Norris McIntyre saved Nils Haugejorden from a freezing death. Nils had fallen walking home at midnight in a sub-zero blizzard. The dog stayed with the injured man throughout the night, licking his face to keep him awake, lying with him to keep him warm, and frequently barking in the direction of neighbouring houses until he was able to awaken the neighbours. The injured man was rushed to hospital severely frostbitten.


RALPH, un petit chat, a empêché sa maîtresse de mourir gelée ou de suffoquer, alors qu’elle s’était accidentellement enfermée dans son congélateur-chambre. Ralph attira l’attention du père de Mme Bowes en poussant des cris désespérés à partir d’une autre pièce de la maison. M. Bowes suivit alors le chat jusqu’au sous-sol, où il entendit les faibles appels de sa fille qui criait au secours.


KANAKA, a black German Shepherd was responsible for numerous rescues, arrests and the recovery of evidence, stolen property and money throughout years of distinguished service. In one incident, Kanaka tracked a lost hunter for 20 hours across freezing swamps and an ice-covered lake, before finding the man. After the ordeal, Kanaka required medical attention and was commended with saving the hunter’s life.


TRIXIE, a small stray dog who had adopted the Burbine family, seized the sweater of three-year-old Brent Burbine when the youngster fell from a wharf on McGuire Lake. The dog held the child until help arrived to pull him to safety.


PATRICK, a three-year-old dog owned by John Williams, saved the life of his owner who was being held at knifepoint by a masked thief. Patrick attacked the bandit, who was holding a knife at his master’s throat, enabling Mr. Williams to break free and recover the stolen money.


JIGGS, a young Siamese cat owned by Mr. and Mrs. McGregor roused the sleeping family when a fire broke out early Christmas morning. While one resident died in the fire, Mr. and Mrs. McGregor, their two young sons and a grandmother escaped the flames. Jiggs had collapsed in the apartment and had to be taken outside and revived.


PAT, a black Labrador Retriever owned by Tom Murphy saved his owner’s life by towing him with a rope attached to an oarless boat for three and a half hours in strong winds and rough water on the St. Lawrence River.


TIPPY, a six-month-old Shepherd/Lab mix, leaped into the swift and icy Niagara River to pull eight-year-old Brian Chouinard to safety. Tippy returned to rescue the other child that had fallen in the river, but was too late.