PATCHES, a grey and white cat owned by Laura Utter, saved Laura and her father after a fire broke out in the furnace room of their home. Patches’ screams roused Mr. Utter who gathered his young daughter and the cat and led them outside to safety as the interior of their house was destroyed.


FIDO, an 11-year-old dog owned by Miville Tremblay, was responsible for locating a child who had been lost in a heavily wooded area for two days. The child was found frightened and weak during the night and led to safety at dawn the next morning.


CHLOE, a cat owned by Prue and Peter Mason saved the lives of her owners, a friend and several other pets that were overcome with fumes from a faulty heating system. Chloe repeatedly screamed and clawed until she aroused Peter Mason who was able to alert the others.


SCAMP, a five-year-old female farm dog, was honoured for attracting the attention of passersby to her owner, Jack Ruttan, whose tractor crashed down a steep 40-foot heavily wooded embankment on a lonely farm road.


JACKIE, a small Terrier, had been partially paralyzed after a fight with a much bigger dog and was about to be put to sleep. However, the Connolly family couldn’t bring themselves to have her put down. Ironically, two years later Jackie saved her owners by alerting them to a fire that destroyed their home.


TROOPER, a Redbone/Walker Hound mix, saved the life of his owner, Ross Benway, when a fire completely destroyed his farmhouse. Trooper jumped onto Benway’s bed, clawing and barking until he awoke, choking from smoke inhalation. Hearing the roar of the flames, Benway threw Trooper through the nearest window and was blown through the window himself as the fire exploded into the bedroom. The house burned to the ground.


REX, a German Shepherd repeatedly hurled himself against the door leading to the Misic and Zegarac families’ living quarters, arousing the two families during the night as fire engulfed their gas station and the living quarters above.

Charlie Brown

CHARLIE BROWN, a St. Bernard, followed a young boy who had wandered away from home into a densely wooded snowbound forest area. Charlie Brown stayed with the lost and frightened boy and kept him warm until his owner, Lorne Rose, located them.


 TRAMP, a cat owned by Gail Bilodeau, saved her owner from serious harm by waking her from a deep sleep. When Mrs. Biladeau’s electric blanket burst into flames, Tramp woke her owner in time to save her two children and call the fire department.


 LONESOME, a young stray dog adopted by Norris McIntyre saved Nils Haugejorden from a freezing death. Nils had fallen walking home at midnight in a sub-zero blizzard. The dog stayed with the injured man throughout the night, licking his face to keep him awake, lying with him to keep him warm, and frequently barking in the direction of neighbouring houses until he was able to awaken the neighbours. The injured man was rushed to hospital severely frostbitten.